Design & Pages SEO Search Submission

Design & Pages

This advanced design allows for multiple pages and an enhanced menus. Add an employee page, gallery, a blog, highlight your products or a changing special of the week. You will also be able to incorporate additional features further down like email newsletters and 3rd party code. The best way to get a feel for this design is to view our examples above


SEO includes a Page Title, Description, Keywords, H Tags, OG Tags, OG Picture, SSL, Blog Pages, optimized Image Files, alt tags and more. 

Search Submission

All plans include Search Engine submission to Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL. I also provide them a website map to assist their bots in traversing the pages and making sure they are all scanned.


With the heavy penalizing in search ranking results, SSL is a must for SEO and visitor peace of mind.

Analytics Reports

Visitors, new visitors and how long they stayed on your website. What day did they visit, were they on their phone or a desktop computer. What State and how did they arrive at your page. Did they search for you, come from your Facebook or go strait to your page. All important information that allows you to make decisions about your next move.

A 30 Day Analytics Report will be emailed monthly for Personal and Professional plans. Premium Plan members receive access to a live Analytics interface where they can run custom date range reports.

SEO Review

The SEO review entails looking over the Analytic Reports you receive and some additional back-end data that is gathered. We review information provided by the search engines as well. The package chosen will decide the frequency of this review.


Unlimited email accounts are included through a catch-all email forwarder. All email to all accounts will be systematically forwarded to one externally hosted account. This allows you to track email traffic while keeping it all in one place. Are people emailing you because they saw your website (support@…) or Facebook post (facebook@…) or flyers left at the bowling alley (bowling@…).

Please contact us if you have different needs, we are actively working to enhance this service.

Setup Fee

A one time set up fee is due prior to any work being performed. This ensures a low monthly cost and no contracts. We offer “only pay the difference” on package upgrades so if your more comfortable starting on a lower priced package and realize you need a larger packed with the increased business, you would only pay the difference between the two set-up fees.


With all plans you will receive full blog post design services. Just send us the content and we’ll put it all together. We can find pictures if needed. Blogs are great for SEO and writing messages to be shared on social media. This could be a daily/weekly special or to promote a new product as well. Externally hosted blogs can be linked or embedded too.

Mailing List

All plans include an integrated mailing list, allowing people to sign-up right from your website. Existing mailing list can be imported to get you going. Larger list are available à la carte for any plan at $10 for each 1,000 subscriber block above plan includes. 

Newsletter & Welcome

Included are monthly mailings; designed and sent by us to your mailing list.  This is done at your request and with your provided content. We will also design a Welcome message and if included, additional Welcome follow-up emails to be sent a few days apart after the initial sign-up. While the welcome letters can be of your chosen content, we recommend;

Welcome 1 – Reminder and confirmation of newsletter sign-up. Include a short description of service and links to social media accounts. Hours, address, etc.

Welcome 2 – An in-depth letter about you or your company.  What makes you different then your competition.

Welcome 3 – Product or service highlight; or other preferred content.

Welcome 4 – Product or service highlight; or other preferred content.

Welcome 5 – Recap and we look forward to sending future highlights.

These welcome messages do not count towards newsletter limits.

Welcome Example

Join our Mailing List ↓ for an example. It’s been set it up to fast track a series of three at an hour apart.

Social Media

Social Media posting is available for Facebook, Twitter, LikedIn, and Instagram. Frequency of posting is designed to align with your monthly newsletter. We recommend using Social Media to stretch your Mailing List’s reach and in-turn, grow your newsletter and website traffic. 

The Personal Plan gives you one Social Media post to your choice of one networking site. Professional plan expands to two networking sites and Premium can mix/match up to 4 post monthly.


eCommerce is available at no cost by adding a link to your website that allows the visitor to jump over to your store or if 3rd party embed code is available, we can add it to the website. This could be an eBay Page, Amazon Store, or even one we’ve used, Ecwid.

We are actively working towards full eCommerace integration. Please contact us if this is something you need, we may be close to being ready. Cost would be on a site-by-site basis due to the variety of needs.

3rd Party Code

“Widgets” and “Code Snippets” as they are often called. Created to embed a service from another website within yours. The Advance Design allows for full support of 3rd party code. We anticipate no issues but know that we do not control the code provided.

Maintenance SLA

We will always process your request as soon as possible but complexity and depth of the request may result in additional time. If you need something posted by a certain time, we ask that you please give us as much time as possible. We have no problem with scheduling a change months in advance so all we need to do is activate the change on that day.